terça-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2013

Day 200 - A portuguese wonder 'de lemos' in Passos de Silgueiros, Viseu

all images courtesy of hugo carvalho araújo

"portuguese practice carvalho araújo arquitectura e design has recently opened the ‘de lemos’ restaurant and guesthouse embedded in the sloping vineyards of passos de silgueiros in the north. a winding trail through a wooded area hugs the subtle twists and turns in the landscape until arriving to an open vineyard where the trail is extruded into a concrete structure adapting to the exact contours of the terrain. the ‘de lemos’ building contains a guesthouse and restaurant, both aimed at inciting a deeper investigation into the locally-made wine. a series of functions are organized linearly along the hill including a tasting room, discussion area, analysis and wine critique space, all enclosed within a full-height curtain wall overlooking the fields." via designboom

all images courtesy of hugo carvalho araújo

terça-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2013

Day 199 - Arctic Monkeys

IRADO CARA! Novo álbum como muitos já devem saber e conhecer.
AM dos Arctic Monkeys

Why you only call me when you're hight?

R U Mine?

Vai ser um dia Feliz!

sexta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2013